‘No’ means ‘No’ – Let it be the anti-plastic slogan emphasizing ‘Green Nature.’

It’s a big-time to understand that “Not only Amazon forest is burning and on fire, but Earth too!”

Yes! Plastic is completely destructing the Earth’s life span, which is a massive attack to living beings!

CONSTRONICS INFRA is proud and pride enough to deliver plastic-free products, which aim to raise awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic and challenges people to do something about it.

CONSTRONICS INFRA is encouraging the top takeaway items i.e., eco-friendly chairs, water bottles, straws, cups, utensils and shopping bags – and replacing them with reusable or recyclable versions.

Water Bottles – An Indian consumes 11Kg of plastic every year on an average volume, and 80% of the plastic consumption is left in the environment as waste.

Thus, CONSTRONICS INFRA encourages the manufacture and usage of reusable bottle across India. Our range of water bottles includes stylish stainless steel, and healthy copper bottles making BPA-free.

Straws – Plastic straws are often served along with your drinks, so in cafes, juice shops and bars ask for a drink without a straw. For home and parties, switch to CONSTRONICS INFRA 100% organic compostable paper straws, printed with edible soy ink and designed with beeswax as a waterproof layer.

Coffee Cups – Do you aware of the average lifespan of a single-use cup? Its 13 minutes! And, for each year, 100 billion of those end up in the landfill. Thus, CONSTRONICS INFRA has initiated its steps to reduce that by using a reusable cup to taste your favorite drinks! By that way, CONSTRONICS INFRA has many different types of recyclable stylish cups to serve your guests.

Shopping Bags – CONSTRONICS INFRA ensures to supply plastic-free shopping bags by 2020. So, kindly refuse single-use bags, and CONSTRONICS INFRA have great alternatives, including bags made from recycled cotton and recycled plastic, or you could opt for retro style with a shopping trolley!

CONSTRONICS INFRA is actively sourcing more products that serve alternatives to plastic, and items made from recycled materials – lookout for many unimaginable and eco-friendly products coming into CONSTRONICS INFRA store soon!

CONSTRONICS INFRA insists, “Reduce the usage of plastic in your daily routine with reusable and recyclable alternatives”… Hereafter, there’s no excuse for single use!