These are the days where internet and smartphones are ruling the world making its impact across various industries. Coping to the latest and upgrades, CONSTROMALL has been refreshing its fresh and elegant feel to launch its giant step in the retail industry recently!

CONSTROMALL was a thriving, forward-thinking business that grew at the very heart of Coimbatore city. It offers customers a smart store feel that became a destination for a great shopping experience. In today’s retail world, our store caters people with various furnishing products, tiles and ceramics, Wooden doors & windows, lighting products and much more…
Adapting with the latest arrivals and understanding people mind, CONSTROMALL has been an integral part of the town for all types of home shopping which makes a big difference in your living space. However, in recent times we have seen considerable changes in the way all shop.
With supermarkets offering a wider range of products, and the introduction of online shopping. But, not all retail businesses have managed to compete.

And, we have grown and renowned as the manufacturers and dealers of popular international brands. This made us best known to ‘sell everything’ to a shop specializing in key product ranges such as tiles and ceramic materials, furniture, wooden doors, lighting, etc.

CONSTROMALL is changing quickly to keep up with the modern retail world. The niche expert team committed their sayings as, “In recent years we recognized the need to change and keep up with the times. We are working hard to adapt and strengthen our retail business in-store as well as promoting global purchasing feel”.

CONSTROMALL Tiles and Furnishings are now offering the latest product features, and the chance for customers to ask the professionals direct advice. We support customers choose the right product for their needs. This sign of the times shows just how much our shopping has changed.

A whole range of outstanding technology products is now available in CONSTROMALL providing the perfect opportunity to upgrade your home.
Enjoy wide variety of products with custom designs and colors! Happy shopping!