Once upon a time, lightings were modestly placed on the wall or the ceiling, but now they are also strategically placed inside the walls, ceilings, and even the floors.

Not many people realize that lights are the perfect and powerful tool that is capable of evoking emotions in people and especially the contemporary lighting solutions let you do that.

Can you imagine how far, we have come with nature-friendly and energy-efficient lights which gave rise to auto sensor lights for a single-serve purpose i.e. making your lighting experience more memorable?

Home for picking variants of lightings

At CONSTRONICS INFRA, we pride in catering an extensive range of distinctive lighting suitable for both domestic and commercial use, staying at the forefront of the next lighting trends offering great quality and service.
From traditional sconces and chandeliers to futuristic sconces and LED pieces, mid-century Skandia design, CONSTRONICS INFRA have varieties of fittings for every style of home. CONSTRONICS INFRA designer lighting and home collections include ceiling pendants, spotlights, bathroom, and outdoor lighting, table and floor lamps, shades, and mirrors.

Our beautiful lights are designed by taking inspiration from the latest trends, sourcing cutting edge techniques and best design ideas incorporating the latest energy-saving technologies into our lights.

Champions of Lighting

CONSTRONICS INFRA team is proud to include an extensive collection of innovative energy-saving lights, combining great style with outstanding energy efficiency. Our sleek LED lighting products feature to produce a clear light, eliminating the need for bulb changes, produce less waste heat and use a fraction of the energy required by traditional fittings.

There is no doubt that lighting is a technique that can be tricky but if you know how to manipulate it, you can deliver wonders in any kind of space.

• Ambient lightings create a feeling of a safe space by illuminating the whole place in a uniform and balanced way.

• Task or focused lights accentuate a particular area, providing direction and emphasis on a particular spot or an area of the room.

• Track lights turn in different directions to either feature space or to create a precarious balance of light to give it that extra glow and luminescence, making it stand out.

Lighting is a unique concept that enables stimulation of emotions through people. It uses lights to accentuate colors and spaces, captivating the atmosphere. Whereas, the wise use of various forms of LED in any space makes sure that the room not just exudes simplicity and class but also reduces your carbon footprint.